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Selected projects

TELEVISION COMMERCIALS                                          


Flymo (National TV) (Elite TV) (Producer: Steve Honeysett)

Benylin (TV) (J Walter Thompson) (Producer: Barry Kearn)

Red to Black (National TV) (Locki Productions) (Producer: Sean Willis)

Dalton Park: Xmas Sale (TV) (Finecut) (Producer: Pete Grime)

BBC World Promos (x6) (BBC World) (Producer: Patricia Lalla)

Comedy Awards 1997 (BBC UK Play) (Producer: Mick Arnold)

Milky Way Chocolate Stars (National TV) (Producer: Glen Mickey)

Glastonbury (BBC UK Play) (Producer: Mick Arnold)

Gregory Pennington (x6) (National TV) (Janet Rees Creative) (Producer: Janet Rees)

Cantor Index Promos (Bloomberg TV) (Producer: Simon Dean)

Max Spielman "Wow" Camera (National TV) (Equinox TV) (Producer: Gary Cohen)

Whiskas Cat Food (National TV) (Abbott Mead Vickers) (Producer: Dan Sherratt)

Dalton Park Shopping Centre (x7) (Radio/TV) (Robson Brown) (Producer: Pete Grime)

Modern Apprentices (x2) (Tyne Tees TV) (Dene Films) (Producer: Mark Lediard)

Wow Camera (National TV) (Equinox) (Producer: Steve Bright)

Dixons Motors (x6) (Yorkshire TV) (Digital Audio) (Producer: John Brown)

Goldfish Loans (National TV) (Firehouse Productions) (Producer: Peter Granger)

Goldfish Loans 2 (National TV) (Firehouse Productions) (Producer: Peter Granger)

Britannia Building Society (TV) (McCann Ericsson) (Producer: Dawn Mason)

Computer Shop (TV) (Finecut) (Producer: Pete Grime)

JJB Christmas Sale (TV) (Equinox) (Producer: Owen Greene)

Cussons Carex (x5) (National TV) (DBH/TBWA) (Producer: Joe Wickes)

Portland Direct Holiday Giveaway 2002 (National TV) (Producer: Alasdair Saunders)

S.C.S. Furniture (National TV) (Elite TV/Robson Brown) (Producer: Andy O’Brien)

Rexona Deodorant (European TV) (Tape Gallery) (Producer: Siobhan Clarke)

Dalton Park Shopping Centre (x3) (TV) (Robson Brown) (Producer: Simon Lewis)

Dalton Park Shopping Centre: Xtra (TV) (Robson Brown) (Producer: Jill McGeachie)




BNFL (National Radio) (CheethamBell JWT) (Producer: Simon Hall)

Newcastle Chronicle Match Win (Radio) (Robson Brown) (Producer: Martin Gee)

Marshalls Patios (National Radio) (Clocktower Creative) (Producer: Dan Miller)

Northern Electric World Cup (x7) (Radio) (Robson Brown) (Producer: Eddie Farrell)

MetroCentre Home & Garden (Radio) (Robson Brown) (Producer: Pete Grime)

Volvo (National Radio) (Producer: Richard Lewis)

N-Visage Call Centre Promos (x5) (Galaxy FM) (Producer: Tom Turner)

University of Sunderland Promos (x3) (Radio) (Finecut) (Producer: Pete Grime)

Cash Generator (x6) (Radio) (Airplay Productions) (Producer: Julie Bresbode)

Millets (x4) (Radio) (Robson Brown) (Producer: Pete Grime)

The Movie Game (Radio) (Airplay) (Producer: Julie Bresbode)

Thresher November (x3) (National Radio) (Boom) (Producer: John Ferraday)

Modern Apprentices (x2) (Metro FM) (Producer: Karen Hancock)

Hollands Pies: Winter Warmer (x3) (Radio) (Mezzo) (Producer: Simon Bovis)

Dalton Park (x5) (Radio) (Robson Brown) (Producer: Pete Grime)

City Life (Radio) (CheethamBell JWT) (Producer: Mark Oliver)

Ventura Customer Care (Radio) (Barkers) (Producer: Nick Mitchell)

Newcastle Journal (Radio) (Robson Brown) (Producer: Pete Grime)

Salford Triathlon (Radio) (Jairzihno Productions) (Producer: Alasdair Saunders)

Peugeot (Radio) (Mcann/Ericcson) (Producer: Dawn Mason

Portland Direct (Radio City) (McCann Erickson) (Producer: Alasdair Saunders)

Rod Licence (National Radio) (Environment Agency) (Alistair Saunders)

Robert Dyas (x3) (Radio) (Dene Films) (Producer: Peter Groom)

Robert Dyas (x2) (Radio) (Dene Films) (Producer: Peter Groom)


Joe was the voice of the NME

Carling music awards at the

Hammersmith Palais.


Joe voiced all the American

radio commercials for

Sir Paul McCartney's

2005 & 2008 tours.


Joe narrated the Yorkshire

Television documentary series

"Paramedics" in 2003.


Joe was a regular guest

artist on BBC TV's

What the Papers Say.